Translation and soundtrack of your corporate video

In a globalized market, language should no longer be an obstacle. We create image films and product videos in all imaginable languages. For example, almost every one of our films is also produced in English. In the translation and settings we always make sure that the respective film speaker is a so-called "native speaker" and, if possible, a well-known voice in your target region.



  • Consulting: Find the right film format
  • Research: Look at how the market entrants
  • Conception: Development of a film idea
  • Storyboard: Creation of the narrator
  • Filming: Planning and implementation with professional camera teams in HD and 4K as well as with high-resolution film drones
  • Postproduction: Film editing and graphic design
  • Setting: Voice dubbing and foreign languages  (native speakers only)
  • Delivery: As a link in desired formats from HD to 8KOnline
  • Support: Support for integration in various media
  • Archiving: Storage of your data for possible later adjustments