Film-production: Company based near Stuttgart

The film production for the production of image films and other company films is generally divided into the phases of project development, pre-production, filming, post-production and publishing. filmforbusiness produces films for medium-sized companies throughout the German-speaking area from the Heilbronn location. We use state-of-the-art equipment and new techniques. The production time of an average image film takes about six weeks under good conditions.

Production of corporate movies

filmforbusiness is focused on the production of image films. Because image films provide the greatest added value of all film formats for your sales, your image and your own employees. Especially for medium-sized companies, in our view, it is always the first choice.

In addition, we are very successful in producing product films, information films and commercials.Our films are always a bit "big cinema." We love big pictures that love detail and cinematic transport the special features of your company.Situated in the environment of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, we always keep it your finger on the pulse of time.

Professional camera teams for professional results

We provide these camera teams in Germany and throughout Europe. So you can be sure that your film is staged creatively and safely, we use only experienced cameramen and sound engineers. Our film crews are working daily for ARD, ZDF and many other internationally active agencies and TV stations. This guarantees the necessary routine to skilfully set your company scene.

Design and create movie texts

Communication is the key to success. "The word" is still the most effective form of communication. We approach your customers by creating thoughtful and up-to-date film texts. This is our very special focus. What is special about a company, how do competitors present themselves, what are the goals of the company? In order for image films to convince creativity must be subordinated to the corporate goals - and your story will be told purposeful.

Film production for companies is the starting signal

An image film is the sharpest sword in marketing and sales today. It is the first impression that a potential customer gets from your company and it shapes the following discussions right into the price negotiations. Because corporate films convey information and emotions. No text, no picture and no homepage can touch the customer emotionally as quickly as a video can. Image films and advertising films for companies burn into the mind of the viewer. And get stuck.

Completed in March 2020: Image film E. HAHNENKRATT GmbH

What can be achieved with an image film

Image films appeal to a broad target group - customers as well as employees and partners. So if you have a corporate film made, it should hit the right nerve with employees, partners and perslective customers. Your corporate image will be significantly shaped by this video in the future. For many companies, this fact is particularly important when it comes to recruiting specialists. It is the company values ​​that are of particular interest to this target group. Specialists want to know the advantages of working in your company. The term "industrial film" basically means exactly the same as the term "corporate film". Actually, it only exists in the conceptual world of well-established film productions that have been in the industry for a very long time.

Your film production will be first class

From our point of view and experience, there is always one term at the center of successful corporate film productions. "Authenticity". Nobody can be fooled today, the media flood has sharpened the senses of the audience. It is far better if image films, which are primarily intended for the entrepreneurial environment, do without used phrases and all too promotional and beautiful picture worlds. Better an interview that may not be as polished, but that allows conclusions to be drawn about people. The effect on the target group, at the trade fair or in a YouTube explanatory film is a lot more pleasant and reduces fear of contact.