The importance of image films for medium-sized companies.

We give you support in the argumentation of your film project.

For many management levels, the subject of film is still exotic. Marketing employees have a correspondingly difficult time arguing when they want this tool. We support you with the argument. Here you will find ten good reasons to produce an image film.


  1. Image films are the sharpest sword in marketing. There is no better and more modern way to communicate unique selling points.
  2. Film is the most emotional medium of all - and emotions sell everything. Point.
  3. On the iPad of your sales force, your film is not only an icebreaker for the introduction to the consultation, it tells your customer boldly and credibly about the advantages of working with you.
  4. An image film can always be used as a trade fair film.
  5. Its effect only really comes into its own when looking for new employees. Trainees in particular appreciate quality.
  6. The very young donation nation no longer “Googles”. She searches on YouTube and finds your image film there as the first piece of information about your company.
  7. Existing customers will discover new aspects of you and become aware of services that you may not have known about before.
  8. Film has an impact on the company. Employees feel valued by the recordings and develop pride in the company.
  9. Thanks to the rapid development in film technology, films of maximum quality can now be produced for manageable budgets. The differences to the "big" competitors are blurring. (However, your competitors also know that.)
  10. Having a professional corporate film visibly differentiates your company from the average of your competitors.