Corporate films from filmforbusiness: Approach and structure

Image films can be used very well in almost all areas of the sales process. The most universal and effective advertising tools you can imagine.

Having a professional image film is high on the wish list of ambitious marketing managers . No wonder, because image films can be used very well in almost all areas of the sales process. In our view, however - and our experience from over 100 image film projects , the prominent placement of your film is < strong> most importantly films on your own homepage. Homepage the most important. That is why we pay attention to the expectations of your customers and the viewing and user habits of the visitors when it comes to video production, video production Your website website in a very special way.

Also on the i-Pad of your sales staff your image film can play an important role. Even after many appointments, he does not forget important details, he measures. We have this approach through Many projects continuously optimized. It is an excellent icebreaker guarantor for optimal results in the sense of the task of our customers. In addition to the film idea and he the professional design , the structure of an image film does not play a role underestimating role for the "usability", that is the utility for the viewer - and of course for the dramaturgy . It ensures that your values ​​never get bored and that your philosophy is always told exactly the same without any signs of wear. As a link in your email signature, it unobtrusively transports your messages to your existing customers. & Nbsp;

Your image film is viewed with interest from the first to the last minute.

Your image film can also play an important role on the i-Pad of your sales staff.

Image films can be used very well in almost all areas of the sales process.

In our view, however, the most important thing is the prominent placement of your film on your own homepage. That is why we pay particular attention to the video production, the expectations of your customer, and the viewing and user habits of visitors to your website.

Image film can also be used on the i-Pad of your sales staff to play an important role. Even after many appointments, he does not forget important details, he is an excellent icebreaker and he ensures that your values ​​and your philosophy are always told exactly the same without any signs of wear and tear. As a link in your email signature, it unobtrusively transports your messages to your existing customers. 

The Prices of our image films vary depending on the film length and the desired quality. Once the appropriate classification has been made, the cost of an image film can be calculated very precisely in minutes. In our online calculator you can get a first, already very precise overview.

The structure of our image films follows a proven concept

The first 7 seconds of your image film - the important first impression. We can not resist that we judge other people by the gut.

Even the coolest analyst is first of all humans and works after a genetic program, which we kept still from the gray past. At the time, this program was vital, because it enabled us to make the lightning quick decision whether a friend or an enemy stood in front of us. Even today, this program still works in us - and it's what triggers the incredibly strong and immovable effect, the so-called first impression on other people.

That's exactly what happens in the first 7 seconds of your movie. We love cinema! And you can tell that especially at the beginning of our films. Here we most consistently use our film Kunow-How. That's why the first impression that all our films leave behind is professionalism. This high-quality impression involuntarily connects the viewer with the quality of your company and your products.

The first 30 seconds - your performance in a nutshell

The first 7 seconds of your film are over and have made your prospects curious. Now you have the maximum attention of your prospect. Next, your corporate video has to deliver facts. What do you stand for? What are your products? Why should customers buy from you and not elsewhere? The answers to these questions indicate the content of the first 30 seconds of your film.

Especially on the Internet, films are usually no longer viewed on first contact. Afterwards, the interested party knows if your products are suitable for him and if he likes your company in general. If your services are interesting for your potential customer, then he will continue to watch your corporate video. If they are not, then your company has at least left a very positive impression. In the first 30 seconds your achievements should be summed up. Fast and clear communication is appreciated by customers, potential new apprentices and potential new employees alike.

The middle of your film - "Infotainment"

Generally speaking, image films are a mixture of advertising film and information film. We add another ingredient to this mix: authenticity. Nothing seems less credible than exaggerated advertising film aesthetics. Nothing is more boring than pure information. Due to the high proportion of so-called "Realfilm", ie the film footage in your production and in your company, our films not only look very authentic, they are so Company and your products deepened.This film section also determines the film length.


Which length should an image film have?

Our approach: An image film should have exactly the length needed to tell everything that is important and interesting. To produce real situations cinematically highest quality, that we can do best. Our many years of experience in the field of high-quality TV documentations pays off here. Clear language, coherent detail shots and flowing film editing. A combination that lets customers understand their performance and never gets boring.


Therefore, image films are usually about 3 minutes long

Most image films are about 3 minutes long. In this time, all important information can be interesting and entertaining. For more in-depth information then the sales staff or the homepage is responsible. Another point is the fact that after 3 minutes, "something new" should happen from a cinematic point of view. A new venue or a completely different product, for example. Otherwise boredom threatens and the positive impression fades.

The costs also play a role now. You can make 3 minutes of high quality film with a well-rehearsed team for 1-3 days of shooting. (At least we can) And shooting days are the biggest cost in the calculation.


The end of the film - this is where your new business relationship begins

The end of your image film has a special role to play. In order to turn your prospective customer into a customer, interviews and statements from service providers of your company are actually mandatory. You breathe life into your film and give your company a face. These so-called "Original Sounds" can be distributed throughout the movie, but are most effective at the end, making it the right place for anything that gives the potential customer security, your company size in numbers, your history, and your business philosophy

The last impression is almost as important as the first one - address the customer directly, invite him and give him a smile - now you have the chance, because in your corporate video you have the last word.


Why is the end of your image film so important?

The end of your movie is almost as important as the beginning. Your image film must give the viewer of this site security and confidence in your performance. Mostly the end of the movie is watched shortly before the final decision for or against your offer. The importance of the final sequences of your film is about as high as the imprint of your homepage. The imprint is after the start page usually the most clicked page and is always looked at, if the interested party wants to know exactly who he is dealing with. So then, when he has weighed all for & again. A well-kept imprint is often crucial in the award of the contract. Just like the end of your corporate video.