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The highlights from the production year 2020.

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filmforbusiness designs and produces corporate movies, commercials and product films for a wide variety of industries. The quality of our films, the professional realization, as well as the good conditions, were in the past the most important criteria of our customers when deciding on a video production "made by filmforbusiness". Our long-standing work for ARD, ZDF and many well-known agencies, guarantees our customers proven and sophisticated film craft.

The constant exchange with marketing, sales - and especially with the decision makers of our customers, has allowed us in the past, to develop our film formats and working methods continuously. Today this experience makes us a qualified partner for medium-sized companies of different orientation.

Our target group are medium-sized companies in every industry. Our technical know-how enables us to produce high quality in a short time and always deliver professional results even with tight budgets. This is important to us because the quality of your image film, advertising film or tutorial is associated with the quality of your company by the viewer on a one-to-one basis.

What we radiate, we also attract.

What a company communicates to the outside world forms its customer structure. And those who radiate "quality" attract "quality customers". Anyone who argues about the price has nothing to say and automatically takes part in the struggle for the lowest value. In order to spare our customers precisely these struggles, we have continuously developed our film formats. This experience makes us a qualified contact for medium-sized companies with a wide variety of orientations. Find out more about the costs for your individual corporate film in our online calculator, or give us a call. We look forward to your call!

"filmforbusiness" is based on the experience of cinematographer Martin Spieß.

Martin has worked for ARD for more than 15 years and has extensive experience in feature film, documentary, feature and commercials. More than 250 realized film projects go to his account. Just making beautiful films is not enough for us. "What goals does the customer pursue? How does the customer's industry" tick "and what is the customer's target group?" These questions are central, so that your film project will be amortized later. This is exactly where our strength lies. "Film" is never purely an end in itself for us, but a tool with which our customers can practically work in the field, in online sales and, more generally, in marketing.