Questions and answers about your film project

Here is a list of the most common questions that arise before and during the production of your film project.


How is the production of our film going?

Immediately after the confirmation of the order, we create the film text with storyboard, with the help of which we can take targeted action during the shooting. This is followed by the concrete production planning, in close consultation with you. Followed by the shooting, then the film cut. In this so-called "post-production" narration text, graphics and film sequences are put together.


How long should an image film be?

The length of an image film depends on how much information and content you want to communicate. Regardless, however, is a length of up to 3 minutes from our point of view, the best case.lfall.


How long will it take for our movie to be finished?

With optimal course we need from the first appointment to the finished film about 6 weeks.

Is consistent company clothing useful?

... Absolutely! Equip the production staff with new and uniform company clothing. If you do not have polos, sweatshits, etc, you can order them quickly and with high quality: Stickerei Zintgraf


What do we have to keep in mind when it comes to clothing?

Of course it is up to you with which clothes you present yourself to your customers in your film. When in doubt, it is always better to dress well than too bad. Much of what is "overstyled" in everyday life is just good enough for an image film.



Should all employees wear corporate clothing without exception?

Senior employees who do not wear uniform corporate clothing should be careful to wear neutral clothing if possible. Our tip: as clear as possible colors, not too bright, checkers please leave at home. With blue, white or black you never do anything wrong.


What should our boss wear?

Our tip: as clear as possible colors, not too bright, checkers please leave at home. With blue, white or black you never do anything wrong. For statements of the management, there is, in our view, only a real "outfit", regardless of the size of the company - and that consists of a suit, blue or white shirt, and a tie. Even if you would never wear them otherwise, in the film this business look looks international and natural and gives your words the necessary seriousness.



Is it possible without a tie?

Even shirt-sleeved bosses are a statement. For example, for a start-up or a company that wants to emphasize its own dynamics above all. Or in an industry where suits are too unfamiliar.

Topic of occupational safety

In your image film health and safety regulations should be meticulously meticulously met. Goggles, ear protection and Co are not only good for your health. In your film you underline the claim of your company. It makes perfect sense to be overly correct here. Because you have your film several years - and who knows which regulations in the future will be binding.


Company parking better empty or full

Whether the outside of your company, the vehicles of the employees with the picture may actually depends only on you. Of course, no "rattling box" should be right in front of the main entrance. As long as all vehicles are sorted we find that ok. It just can not seem messy.


What do the corrections cost after the film is finished?

Once the film has been completed and presented, corrections may be necessary. The costs for this are also already included in the total price for package deals.