Film production Schorndorf

filmforbusiness produces image films, advertising films and other film formats in Schorndorf.

Founded more than 15 years ago, filmforbusiness is now one of the most experienced film productions in the Schorndorf area. The main focus of activity includes almost all types of film communication such as trade fair films, product videos and many more. The world's most recognized companies can be found in Schorndorf and the greater Stuttgart area. Our primary goal is to meet your demands for quality, service and creativity.

Martin Spieß, as the founder of filmforbusiness, worked for many other production houses in addition to his work for ARD and ZDF. Martin is your contact for advice, conception and the final film production.

Film references from Schorndorf

HDC Huttelmaier is a young company in Schorndorf, in the 3rd generation, with more than 60 years of experience in the retrofit and special machine construction industries. The image film for the traditional Schorndorf company illustrates the extensive industry knowledge, profound know-how and the company philosophy of the mechanical engineering company. 

The references from HDC include many well-known companies from Germany and Europe for which HDC was or is active in the field of retrofitting and special machine construction. In this report, one of these customers was ready to share his experience with HDC in front of the camera.

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