Room tour through your company

Effective, modern, inexpensive: A filmed online tour of your company is a popular way of making video conferences and online presentations interesting. But that's not all.

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Room tour: a film tour of your company.

Just show what you have. Without frills, authentic and uncomplicated. A room tour is not only a popular film format for Youtubers and influencers. It's a chic thing, especially for online marketing in modern companies. Mobile homes, real estate or factory buildings: a personal tour of the company is an effective means of convincing your customers of your performance. However, if that is not possible due to physical distance, lack of time or travel restrictions, then a "room tour" is the right solution.

Online tour or image film?

The question of whether an image film might be the better solution for your purposes is easy to answer. As the name suggests, image films primarily convey the company's "image". It can be used at all points in the sales process. A room tour, i.e. a tour with commentary, is the better solution if you place greater value on authenticity, if it has to be quick, or if it shouldn't cost a lot.

A room tour costs only a fraction of an image film and is a practical thing, especially in video calls. It shows your company honestly and without make-up. For smaller companies such as dental practices or retailers, the room tour will probably soon become the standard. On the homepage, in social media and of course as a link in a customer newsletter.

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