Royalty free music

Buy film music or have it composed? This question is usually decided by the available budget.

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The rough cut is created, the text fits, now just find the right music and the image film can be delivered. However, this last step sometimes takes several days, sometimes even weeks. The reason is important: The influence of music on the broadcasting of a film project is so great that it can completely change the core message of an image film. A melancholic piano can go perfectly with a film, but it mustn't be too sad either. When setting a film project to music, the famous instinct is most in demand.

The music has to touch, then it fits.
It is of course best if you let the music compose exactly as it is right for the project. We have therefore been working with creative musicians and composers of different styles for many years. The results of this collaboration are truly unique, with image film music that does not exist twice.