Promotional film for ABI security systems

Producing a promotional film for the b2b sector has its own challenges.

[Translate to English:] Unternehmensfilm für ABI-Sicherheitssysteme feriggestellt

THE "MC1500" is safety technology at the highest level.


The system is used in companies, authorities and banks with maximum demands on all aspects of building security. Of course, an advertising film has to meet these high standards in terms of design, creativity and content, but in this case there is another special feature that very often complicates production: The film is not aimed at the end customer, but at companies and intermediaries. So it has to be emotional, no question about it. But he also has to inform. About the advantages, the technology and many other important industry-specific facts.

This is exactly the difficulty in producing a b2b advertising film, namely combining an emotional customer approach with information and sales arguments such as investment protection and longevity. To creatively package topics that are at first glance rather "unsexy", that makes maximum demands on a film production. Make yourself a picture. You can watch the film at this link.