Our SEO tool surprised

It was the first time that we offered our SEO analysis in compressed form, free of charge. Some of the results were more than surprising.

You will probably remember: in our last newsmail we offered to test the performance of your homepage free of charge. As expected, the offer was very well received. In this short analysis, we have summarized what was noticed after a quick technical online check and at first glance. First of all: the results were alarming in some cases. We have found that the huge possibilities of search engine optimization are rarely used.

Many a homepage turned out to be completely inadequate in the check, despite its good appearance. Not only that important content such as image films or advertising films are simply missing. In an alarming number of cases, the relevant Internet pages were in no way adapted to the intentions of potential customers.

In these cases, unfortunately, this means nothing more than that the effort and investment for these pages more or less go nowhere. These pages are usually only found by existing customers - and by interested parties who already know the company by name. However, not from prospective customers who are interested in a service or product without knowing the corresponding company.

However, when it comes to the chances of success and long-term prospects in rapidly developing markets, companies should by no means exclude themselves from online competition. How is your homepage doing? Get your first free overview now. Start short analysis

Decision-makers have to act on the basis of reliable data and expertise. This is where our more extensive “Comprehensive Opportunity Analysis” offer comes in. In addition to all the technical facts and detailed statistical evaluations, this analysis gives you, above all, certainty as to whether your company is actually making use of all the options available to it. Therefore: Each analysis includes a personal phone call beforehand and a personal explanation of the result afterwards. This also includes: A comprehensive analysis of the competitors! If you wish, also at your location. Order a comprehensive opportunity analysis

In one of our next newsletters we will shed light on what it means when a company is inadequately positioned online today. Until then & stay healthy!