Create corporate films yourself

This is how you create an image film that provides your target group with added value and offers interesting insights into your company.

These are the six "basics" that you should definitely consider in your film project.
Always the “best” first.
Look for an interesting beginning to the film. Then the viewer stays on the ball longer. A good recipe is, for example, to simply put the best and most exciting sequence in front of the design and only continue it later.

Communicate crystal clear.
When describing your services, you should tell the most important points briefly - and in clear, concise language. Get to the point quickly, make the customer curious and leave all further descriptions of your homepage.

Address your customers directly.
Business is still done between people. In your film, you can give your prospects the opportunity to get to know you casually. Statements or interviews are actually mandatory.

Content is king.
This also applies to image films. Films are always interesting when they show something that you haven't seen before, or at least haven't seen it from this or that angle. Put these thoughts at the center of your conception and your film will add value to your audience.

Don't reveal too much.
If you completely answer all the questions that a potential customer could have for you in your corporate film, take the chance to make personal contact. Better to just make the customer curious. This increases the chance of inquiries and inquiries.

Don't try to be "funny".
It is well known that humor is not distributed equally, and it varies completely from person to person. Better not take any chances. Be serious. Nobody places orders just because they think a company is particularly funny.