Film production in cooperation with Schawa TV

Film teams, OB vans and drone recordings

The main focus of the Stuttgart film & television production "Schawa TV" includes almost all types of film communication. The Stuttgarters are traditionally strong in reporting for SWR, ZDF and other international broadcasters. Schawa operates several broadcast vehicles and is therefore also the right contact for trade fair events, the live broadcast of sporting events and many other events in southern Germany.

Thanks to our cooperation that has grown over decades, we now produce films at every conceivable company location. The latest camera technology and efficient post-production ensure the technical quality of our films.

Martin Spieß, as the founder of filmforbusiness, worked for many other production houses in addition to his work for ARD and ZDF. The cooperation with Schawa also began at this time. Depending on the project requirements, Schawa contributes the technology, entire teams or both to our projects. Martin is always the contact person and person responsible for quality, creativity and the organizational handling of the projects.


"Schawa" is a television production company from Stuttgart.

As a full-service TV company, "Schawa" has the full range of equipment required for professional television production. "Schawa" produces news, reports, features, documentaries and produces live broadcasts, both for public broadcasters and private broadcasters. This includes complete broadcast formats, external broadcasts by OB van and SNG, EB teams with live teams or live streaming. The writing, direction and production teams are familiar with the requirements of modern media productions and implement them for you.