Film production company Offenburg

filmforbusiness produces in Offenburg

Founded more than 15 years ago, filmforbusiness is today one of the most experienced film productions in the Offenburg area. The main focus of activity includes almost all types of film communication such as trade fair films, product videos and many more. The world's most recognized companies can be found in Offenburg and the greater Karlsruhe area. Our primary goal is to meet your demands for quality, service and creativity.

Thanks to an international network of filmmakers that has grown over decades, we create films at every conceivable company location. The latest camera technology and efficient post-production ensure the technical quality of our films.

Martin Spieß, as the founder of filmforbusiness, worked for many other production houses in addition to his work for ARD and ZDF. Martin is your contact for advice, conception and the final film production.

Image film for BORSI

The shaping and refinement of plastic elements has been one of the core competencies of the long-established Baden company for decades Fiat, Lidl, Mercedes ... the customer profile of BORSI  reads like the "who is who" of international corporations.

BORSI shapes and produces the face of these companies. Because, among other things, almost all large company signs in front of German supermarkets or car dealerships come from Offenburg. 200 years of company history can only be written by those who are able to accept change and seize opportunities. So BORSI uses its most important communication tool where it belongs. On page 1 of the homepage.