Film production Heilbronn

From our location in Heilbronn, we produce image films, advertising films and other film formats for companies from all over the German-speaking region.

Founded more than 15 years ago, filmforbusiness is today one of the most experienced film productions in the Heilbronn area. The main focus of activity includes almost all variants of film communication such as trade fair films, product videos and many more. Thanks to an international network of filmmakers that has grown over decades, we create films at every conceivable company location. The latest camera technology and efficient post-production ensure the technical quality of our films. We constantly maintain the proximity to the Ludwigsburg Film Academy and very often give our films that "certain something"

Martin Spieß, as the founder of filmforbusiness, worked for many other production houses in addition to his work for ARD and ZDF. Martin is your contact for advice, conception and the final film production.

Image films for the Fritz Group

Founded in 1938 by Karl Fritz, the company is now managed by the third generation of Wolfram Fritz. Today the Fritz Group is one of the largest, owner-managed forwarding and logistics companies in the Heilbronn region. The Fritz Group uses the image film created by us at company events and when recruiting new employees and trainees.

In the chemical logistics area, we were then able to produce another, specific advertising film.

Image film for Jürgen Buss GmbH

Authentic, meticulous, conscientious and with a lot of "Heavy Metal" in their blood. The contract manufacturers from the north of Heilbronn not only have a weakness for quality. Jürgen Buss has a passion for unusual and complicated prototypes. Especially when these prototypes fit a Harley Davidson or a rare classic car.


Information film for the Blackholm laboratory

The Heilbronn laboratory Blackholm MVZ regularly organizes information events for doctors, nurses and medical assistants. In order to replace the accompanying tour through the laboratory, an information film was created that describes the facilities and possibilities of the laboratory in detail. The film is shown before each event.

In addition to the broad line-up, the ultra-modern diagnostic line is particularly impressive. At the time of the film production, this laboratory line was the most modern in Europe.