Corporate films are a matter for the boss.

Create corporate films, factory films, industrial films and factory films.

Corporate films are one of the most effective marketing tools for companies of all sizes today and achieve unimagined reach. For a long time, cinema and TV were the only options for reaching target groups with moving images. Today, the development of communication channels is already inflationary: trade fairs, events, mailings, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, your own homepage, and of course the iPad of your sales representative, who supports his presentation in face-to-face conversations. Exactly these situations are the right place and moment to use your company film. This is how you can reach customers emotionally. Commercials for companies are no longer a trend. They are THE tool in corporate communication par excellence. Especially when new products that require explanation have to be sold, when added value needs to be told clearly in a short time and when a new contact person needs to be told quickly and emotionally about what is special about your company.

Corporate film in the age of 4K and smart TVs.

A company film is an informative and entertaining film about the company. About products and services, about corporate values ​​and compliance. Your company film is by no means only viewed on the computer today. Thanks to new, smart TV sets and broadband connections, it has found its way into your customers' living rooms. At this point it is evaluated according to completely different standards. Because your company film competes here with the general television program and must not fall behind in terms of visual quality and content.

Conception of a promising corporate film.

Why did your customers choose you in the past? What added value do you offer your customers? Which products or which messages are the focus of your interest and which are the focus of your sales? The answers to these questions form the basic framework for the conception of your company film.

The process of a corporate film production.

After a personal meeting on site, we will make you an offer. Which budget should be activated, which limits should we adhere to? We then create a meaningful script, a narration and a description of the processes in the film. Then you can start planning the actual film shooting. Particularly in film production in industrial plants, clean rooms, chemical parks and dangerous environments, it is important to precisely regulate who is allowed to do what, where, when, and how. Then the production of your film begins. Professional, timely and creative.

The subtle difference between a corporate film and an image film.

In general it can be said that every film that is produced for a company can also be described as a corporate film. So what is meant is a genre rather than a certain style. Image film, industrial film, recruiting film - all of these film formats belong to the umbrella term “corporate film”.

Every corporate video promotes a company or a brand.
Corporate films tell the story of your brand emotionally and, if they are produced by filmforbusiness, they usually do so in a documentary narrative style. Far from flat and endlessly recyclable advertising slogans.

What can be achieved with a corporate film
Corporate films address a broad target group - customers as well as employees and partners. So if you have a company film created, it should hit the right nerve with employees, partners and prospective customers. Your company image will be shaped significantly by this video in the future. For many companies, this fact is particularly important with regard to the recruiting of skilled workers. It is precisely the company values ​​that interest this target group. Professionals want to know what advantages they have from working in your company.

This is how corporate films become first class
In our experience, one term is the focus of successful corporate films. The "authenticity". Nobody can be fooled today, the flood of media has sharpened the senses of the audience. It is far better if corporate films, which are primarily intended for the corporate environment, do without well-worn phrases and overly promotional and embellished imagery. Better an interview that may not be quite so polished, but which allows conclusions to be drawn about the person. The effect on the target group is down
a lot more personable and relieves fear of contact.

Professional image films, commercials and product videos. Since 1997.

Our projects always start with two questions: "Which target group would you like to reach in the future?" And: "Why have your customers chosen you in the past?" The answers to these questions form the basis for your new corporate film.

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