Commercial film production by a professional film production company.

This is how exciting advertising films are created: Based on your objectives, we develop an idea and a concept together with you that will help you achieve your goals and corporate goals. From the first analysis to high-quality advertising film production, we work closely with you - in this way we ensure that your advertising film transports your message perfectly.

The first step: advice and analysis of the "actual" situation

An advertising film production should reach and inspire your target group. With good ideas and inspiration, we develop a conceptual storyboard. Then we will check with you in a workshop or discussion whether we have met the core of your intention. This is how you actively help shape this process without straining your own working hours.

More than one common thread: the film concept.

A really good concept for an advertising film cannot be transferred to other companies. It is unique - and best of all brave. We include your corporate identity requirements in our concept. Storytelling is a creative process. Your guidelines and, above all, the expectations of your customers form the guidelines for creativity. Emotional stories, good ideas, perfect pictures. We love commercials!

Professional shooting with first-class equipment.

In order to create a high-quality advertising film, we work with high-quality equipment. We only trust the latest series of cameras. Because the development in this area is progressing steadily. Our experienced and experienced teams guarantee efficient advertising film production. After you have finished filming your commercial, the film cut follows. Here we view and evaluate the data, create a first rough cut and adapt the text. This is followed by the voice recordings, the music research and, if necessary, the music composition. After the final cut, it's time to correct the color to create a more individual, high-quality look. The end product is available in HD or 4K resolution via digital transfer.

Viral advertising films.

Advertising films are the simplest medium when it comes to presenting your company to your customers. The marketing of modern companies and brands relies on YouTube & Co - and thus adapts to the user behavior of a new generation. In the age of smartphones, high-quality videos are no longer a gimmick. You are important.


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